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Today, that’s it. Today, i will start. Now i have to live for myself. Over,it’s over, living for other is over. Living for other is not a life at all. Living for other means slave of other. I born alone and i have to depart alone from this world. Then what is meaning of all this relationship. No relationship exists. Relationship is the other name of  mutual selfishness. God has made us alone we have to live alone. We made relation of mother, father, sister and wife to fulfill our own desire. Relation losses their meaning as soon as you know we are selfish. If you don’t know then it very good for health. I suggest remain in dark, ”Hamid was walking and thinking all this.”

Live for your self that is the best thing in this world. I know you will not going to agree with me. You will say living for your self is the worst thing. Every body live for himself. God made our life to live for other, help other, and take the soreness of other. Ok, as you wish. It’s your life; you decide what you want to do? I am selfish hundred percent selfish. It is not the condition which made me selfish; it is my soul which told me that you have to be selfish. Yes, this is true that situation helped me to realise this fact, “Hamid was walking and thinking.” No that’s over, now i will live for my self.

These trees, these pond, these sky are only mine. These are best relationship i ever have on earth. Where ever i go they go with me. They never expect any thing from me. Always give something to me. It’s a true these tress loves me a lot, they never ask for anything, what ever, at any time, at any place of world. If i desire they give me love. They love me. They accept me as i am, they don’t ask any question, why i came back, why i have not brought money. They don’t ask why i don’t love them. Sorry tress, sorry sky, sorry pond. I know you love me without expectations but i expect. I expect relationship, Sky – my father, earth – my mother, trees – my house. Over, Over, Over all the artificial relationship with parents, sister, girlfriend are over. Now i will live for my self. I will start my work. Hamid was walking and thinking.

Work for myself. I don’t care about money, i don’t care about society, i don’t care anybody. I have to live for myself. Every body deceived me, everybody broke me. I will tell my story to people. I don’t care they listen or not. I will write my story for myself. For my satisfaction. I worked for relation. It does not worked out. I did not got satisfaction. let us try the other side of the coin i might feel good. From today i will start writing for myself. The journey of my life. The lesson leaned on the part of life. Hamid was walking and thinking.

Yes this tree, this tree is the best place to start with.  Natural environment always good for writing. I have my laptop with me. Let me start the journey. At least i should write the name of article. I will finish it later. Let us inaugurate the carrier. No i have to pray my Goddess, the Goddess Saraswati, always auspicious on the occasion something related to education. I remember how my father managed to get the image of Saraswati in my child hood. I still remember my worship was granted and I got the good education. Thanks Saraswati Goddess (ek bar prem se bolo saraswati mata ki jay).

 Now teaching carrier is over now i have to start my job carrier. Job after teaching. A carrier for myself, a carrier of writing, a auspicious carrier, “saying all this Hamid put his bag on the ground. He saw the earth below the tree. Grassy earth.

He took the name of Goddess Saraswati and tried to clean the surface. He downed his hand below on the ground. He lowered his finger and a object obstacle his finger. He looked the object, it was a died crow. He took the crow in his hand and saw the bone still some part easily visible. It is not crow some else bird. Must be a big bird. He said to himself. Was it an auspicious or inauspicious,”Hamid thought for a second.”

No, it is auspicious and hundred percent auspicious, initially i was in a mood to write only the name of the article i wrote the whole article only due to this dead crow God. I know this crow God is superior than Goddess Saraswati. I am thankful to our nature who not only provided me the relationship they also provided me the God. The crow God, the auspicious God. Thinking this entire he started the journey of life.


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