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A writer 

Do you still remember Yaksha question answer episode from MAHABHARAT? your answer – No, I dont remeber. why not you remeber?  I ask again why not you remember? you have to remember. well, review, the whole conversastion of Yaksha and Yudhisthir in this story. It was a sunny beautiful day. Eldest son of Pandav, the Yudhisthir was brooding beneath a tree alone,  completely alone, No Draupadi this time. He was brooding and brooding, but did not reached to the conclusion. No, final conclusion. He decided to ask the same dilemma to Rishimuni Yaksha. He headed towards his Ashram. Rishi Yaksha was doing his pray sitting in the shadow of PIPAL  tree (of course alone no Menika). Yudhisthir prostrated in front of him, saying Pranam Gurubar. Yaksha gave his blessings to Yudhisthir – Ausman Bhav (have a long life)  Yaksha replied – Son, Yudhisthir, there seems to be some dilema in your mind. Eldest son Yudhisthir replied, Gurubar, you are internal knower. You know everything. In a hesitating voice Yudhisthir replied……..  I have a question, Gurubar.(this is modern mahabharat yudhisthir has to ask his question and Yaksha has supposed to reply) Yaksha replied,  what dilema you have my son? Yudhisthir kept his question in front of  Yakasha – hey Gurubar, what is the easiest job in this world? Yaksha replied – Preaching is the easiest job in this world my son . Yudhisthir became happy to know the answer because, he was also thinking in the same direction. He again asked, Hey Gurubar – What  has easiest carrier avilabe on this earth. Yaksha replied – O my son, writing is the easiest carrier in this world. The eldest son yudhisthir again fall in the dilema. Yaksha replied – Son, it seems you are not satisfied with my answer. Yudhisthir replied politely – Gurubar, you are an internal knower, and what can I hide to you? It is true that, I did not get your point. Yaksha elaborated  his answer – see my son, preaching is the easiest job in this world. But, when you preach by your mouth in front of some one there is a chance that he might become angry, and if he becomes angry, he will show his anger on his face and preacher will not like it. There is also a chance of physical fighting with preacher. So, ultimately preacher will get disturbed either mentally or physically. But, when you start vomiting your preaching lessons on a paper and throw it in front of your reader, it is only his choice whether he will take it or not? It does not matter for preacher, whether reader accepts it or not. Preacher has already preached his lesson and more correctly, he has not been harmed by his listener or reader. This is the reason why a preacher becomes a writer. he want to remain allof himself from all this tragedy.  Yudhisthir replied in a satisfied tone, yes Gurubar, the dilemma has diffused now. Yudhisthir again became perplexed. Yaksha replied – O my religious Son Yudhisthir, you still has some doubts in your mind. Yudhisthir replied – Hey omnipresent Gurubar,what can I hide to you? Every thing is ok, up to this point but how these writers will get money for survival, if no body buys his book? No body read his books? Yaksha replied – million dollars question my son, million dollars even more than that. See my son; the one who becomes writer does not care about the material world. His necessities is very few. He does not have a desire of car- Corrola. He does not have a desire for mobile-Motorolla. He does not have a desire for a good house – like Yudhisthir-villa. He does not have a desire to live in top class city – like Manilla. So, only thing is that he has to work for survival. Any how, he has to managae for two time food that’s it. And my son Yudhisthir, by the Grace of God every human being has enough capability to maintain two time food. ( two vakat ki roti ka jugar every insan to kar hi sakta hai). Yudhisthir was quiet happy to see the reasonable answer. But as usual after this answer his mind again remain thirsty for some more. He wants some more. Dil mange more!!  So, he tried to test this writer on riligious  pan ; epic GITA. He processed the whole situation in his mind. He was processing and Yaksha was meditating. After half an hour religious and spiritual thinking, Yudhisthir replied, Hey Gurubar, sorry for interuption in your mediation. I have one more doubt Gurubar. Yaksha replied – don’t be fearful my son. Ask your doubt. Asking the doubt is your right and replying them is my duty, son. So don’t be shy at all, my son, don’t be afraid. Yudhisthir said- Gurubar, every thing is fine with the writer. But GITA says your work is good only if it is done for the society. I don’t see any direct impact on the society by writer’s work. Yaksha replied – very good my son, very good. See my son, a good writer, who writes keeping DHARMA (religion is not perfect word here) in his mind, always contributes to the society. But, problem is that our eye can’t see it. We are so much focused in direct impact that we can’t see it. I mean we don’t have DIVYA DRISTI like Arjun to see the real figure of Krishna.. We work in the morning and seek for result in the evening. A writer’s work; changes the value of a person, thinking of a person. and my son all these are very slow process, even slower than modern reaserch. It is in long run or in your terms it is in indirect way, his work contributes to the society. See my son; take an example of a mechanical engineer. He works for making a car in factory like General Motor. A factory, a close factory, a factory full of iron, paints glass and battery. He makes car like corolla (I don’t know which car general motor makes other wise I have put that name here) in one month and again a new model in next month; next month again new model. The limitless chain goes on, goes on. But, my son these writers are working in a open factory (closed between sky and earth), a factory of human being, a factory created by God itself. The output of this factory is making a good human being. God sends raw material like a child. These writers have duty to polish them, cast them in a good human being.  If I say in your term then these writers creates good human being, a sound human being, a human being who does not have much desire for car, house, New York city, strip club, movie, celebrities. See, my son it might seems that his contribution to the society is very few, but for a normal human being this contribution is more than enough my son, more than enough. Yaksha took a small break saying more than enough my son more than enough.  Yudhisthir replied – Its five o’clock morning Gurubar I have to go for something. You know na!!! its bath room time. Yaksha replied – don’t worry so much my son, keep coming, when ever you have doubt. Yudhisthir prostrated to Gurubar saying Pranam Gurubar. Yaksha replied – live a long life my son. Dedicated to my great sociology teacher Name of the title of this story has deep meaning


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