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Akash – the womb of creation

To nourish the human being into a greater possibility, it is very important how the water, the air, the earth, the fire and the fifth dimension, which is the largest one, the space or akash, behave. Today, modern science is recognizing there is something called as akashik intelligence; that is, empty space has a certain intelligence. Whether this intelligence works for you or against you will determine the nature of your life, whether you are a blessed being or one who is going to be knocked around for the rest of your life.

For no reason, some people are being hammered around by life. For no reason, some people seem to be blessed with everything. It is not for no reason. It is your ability – either consciously or unconsciously, to be able to get the cooperation of this larger intelligence which is functioning. The fundamental element is akash or the space. It is improper to call it the fifth element, because it is the element. All the other four just play upon it. Now we are here on a round planet. The Earth, the solar system, this galaxy, the whole cosmos, everything is all held in place only by the akash. You, yourself are held in place by akash.

Have you noticed, even Tendulkar looks up? It is not just him, right from ancient times man has been doing this when he achieved something in great moments of success. Some of them may be looking up for the uperwalla or for some god, but in most of them, unknowingly there is a realization. At any time, when you hit a peak experience, physically without even your awareness, your body in gratitude looks upward because somewhere there is a recognition, there is an intelligence in a human being which recognizes that.

If you know how to get the cooperation of the akash into your life, this will be a blessed life. An intelligence that you have never thought possible will become yours, because an intelligence which is beyond your understanding and grasp is right now functioning right here within you, isn’t it? It is that intelligence which is holding the whole cosmos together; it is that intelligence which is the womb for creation. It is in the womb of that intelligence that all creation is happening, and it is not denied to you. Access is not blocked, it is just that you have never looked that way.

You are so engrossed in the little nature of who you are; your body, your thought, your emotion and your hormones have engaged you so much that looking up and paying attention to something beyond, never occurs to you. So many fantastic things are happening in the cosmos today in absolutely miraculous and fantastic ways but one little worm of a thought is worming through your head and that keeps you engaged. That is maya. Maya does not mean that the existence does not exist. It is just that when something so phenomenal and fantastic is happening, these little things keep you busy and engaged and they make you feel as if these little things are more real than everything else.

So to get the cooperation of the akash, there is one simple process you could do. After sunrise, before the sun crosses the 30-degree angle from the horizon, look up at the sky once and bow down to it for holding you in place today. After the sun crosses 30 degrees, sometime during the day, any time, look up and bow down again. After the sun sets, once again look up and bow down; not to some god up there, just to the empty space for holding you in place for today. If you just do this, life will change dramatically. If you consciously do this three times a day, if you get cooperation from akash, life will happen in magical ways.


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The Body Remembers All

Today, we are living in a culture where it is not necessary that you have lived with one partner all your life. Things have changed. I mean, a partner comes with an expiry date. When you made the relationship you thought this is forever, but within three months you think, “Oh, why the hell am I with this person?” Because it is all going by what you like and what you do not like. Because of this, it is always off and on, off and on. When it is broken and when it is unstable, you will go through enormous pain and suffering, which is totally unnecessary. If you do this exercise of falling in and out of love too often, if you go on playing around with too many people, after some time you will become numb, you do not like anybody because there is something calledRunanabandha.

Runanabandha is a certain aspect of karma; it is a certain structure of karmic substance. It happens because of a certain amount of meeting and mingling that happens between people. Wherever there is a certain amount of meeting and mingling, some runanabandha is created. Especially when two bodies come together, the runanabandha is much deeper. It is a kind of recording in the body; the body is keeping a record of everything that has happened. If intimacy happened with another body, it is keeping a record of that particular kind of energy.

Now because the body remembers, if there are multiple partners, the body slowly gets confused over a period of time and this confusion will tell in your life in a million different ways. Your mind is confused, but you are living with that somehow. If the body gets confused, then you are in deep trouble.

In many ways, one of the major reasons for the level of anxiety, the level of insecurity, and the level of depression that is going on right now is just that the bodies are confused. After some time, you do not need any reason to go nuts. People are just going nuts without any reason because the body itself is confused.

Body gets confused with multiple intimacies, that is one thing. Another thing is the type of food that you eat. Whenever a little affluence comes, people think they have to eat everything in a single meal. In India, orthodox people never ate more than two or three items in a meal, and those three items were always matched together, not mismatched food. People understood the body so well that in our homes, they knew that when they cook a particular vegetable, they will make only a particular kind of curry. When they cook this vegetable, another kind will never be made because traditionally, they understood that if they put this and that together, the body gets confused.

As young boys, we were trained – if we go to the market, how we should pick up the vegetable. These days it is totally gone, but when I was young they trained me – when we go to the market, “If you buy this vegetable, you do not buy that because these two cannot be eaten within a span of two days. If you have eaten this, you should not eat that,” because the body will get confused. Once your body gets confused you will go haywire in so many ways. This understanding was always there.

What I see is, if you go to any affluent dinners, it has become madness. Recently in one of the events, someone was very proudly announcing that they have 270 different varieties of food. People take a little of everything and eat. The body gets confused with this kind of food.

So these are two major things – people not eating properly and an indiscriminate sense of intimacy with other bodies – which will create certain confusion on the body level which will take a toll over a period of time. “So have I committed a sin? Is this a punishment for me?” It is not on that level. Every action has a consequence. This is not a moralistic reality; it is a certain existential process. If you do certain things with your mind, certain consequences will come. If you do certain things with your body, certain consequences will come.

These are things that have been deeply understood and life was structured in a certain way around that. Now, in the name of freedom we want to demolish everything and suffer. Maybe centuries later we will realize that this is not the way to live.

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Why were temples built?

Questioner: Why were temples built? What was the purpose behind them?

Sadhguru: The very nature of human perception is such that, right now, whatever a human being is involved with, that will be the only truth for him in his experience. Right now, most people are involved with the five sense organs and that seems to be the only truth, nothing else. Sense organs can only perceive that which is physical and because your perception is limited to the five sense organs, everything that you know as life is only the physicality – your body, your mind, your emotion and your life energies are all physical. If you see the physical existence as a fabric, then we can say you are living on the fabric of the physical. You are walking on this cloth and what you are walking on is all that is real. When you look up, there seems to be a vast emptiness above, but even there you only recognize the physical. You look at the stars or the sun or the moon – this is all physical. You don’t perceive that what is not physical, isn’t it?
What you call a temple is like putting a hole in the fabric, creating a space where the physical becomes thin and something beyond becomes visible to you. This science of making the physical less manifest is the science of consecration, so that dimension beyond the physical becomes apparent or visible to you if you are willing. To take the analogy further, it is like the temple is a hole in the fabric of the physical, where you could fall through easily and go beyond.
Today temples may be built just like shopping complexes with concrete and steel, probably for the same purpose, because everything has become commerce. When I talk about temples, I am talking about the way ancient temples were created. In this country, in ancient times, temples were built only for Shiva, nobody else. It was only later that the other temples came up because people started focusing on immediate wellbeing. Using this science, they started creating various other forms, which they could use to benefit themselves in so many different ways in terms of health, wealth, and wellbeing. They created different types of energies and different kinds of deities. If you want money, you create one kind of form or if you are full of fear, you create another kind of form, which will assist with that. These temples came up in the last 1100 or 1200 years, but before that, there were no other temples in the country except Shiva temples.
The word ‘Shiva’ literally means ‘that which is not.’ So the temple was built for ‘that which is not.’ ‘That which is’ is physical manifestation; ‘that which is not’ is that which is beyond the physical. So a temple is a hole through which you enter into a space which is not.

As a part of this glorious tradition to raise human consciousness, the Aadhi Yogi Aalayam is being constructed as an integral element which will allow many more people to experience and benefit from the Dhyanalinga Yogic Temple.

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Be drunk all the time! – Sadhguru

The wise said, ‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away.’ But a drink a day keeps the doctor with you. Whatever variety of drink you have, whether wine or whiskey, it is playing on your chemistry to make you feel peaceful and relaxed; it is just soothening you a little bit. If a small quantity of it is so relaxing, then if you drink a bucket of it you must be really relaxed. But it does not work like that.

I am not against drink or pleasure. The question is not about, ‘Is this wrong or is this right?’ This is not about a moralistic standpoint. I just think it is a pity that human beings are settling for such small pleasures when something far bigger is possible within themselves. You can be drunk all the time. Free! No hangover and no doctor! The fundamental question is: Are you for life or against life? If you are for life, what is it that you call as life?

Right now, you know you are alive because you are alert enough. Suppose you fell asleep, do you know whether you are alive or dead? All experience has disappeared. Essentially in your experience of life, awareness is aliveness. How aware you are is how alive you are. Because the experience of life is such: only what you are aware of exists for you; the rest does not exist for you. It does not matter what is present here, if you are not aware of it, it does not exist for you. Awareness is aliveness. But any kind of intoxication, it does not matter what kind, lowers your aliveness or awareness. This is why they are telling you, you cannot drive with a drink because it lowers your awareness.

If you become fully aware, instead of existing here as a piece of creation, as a piece of flesh and blood, you will exist as the creator himself. That is the choice you have. Either you live here as just a piece of creation or you live here as the creator himself.

If you want to exist as a creator, your awareness has to spread. But your depressions, your unhappiness, your confusions, your alcohol, everything is putting your awareness down. If all you are seeking is a little bit of pleasure, I am not against it. But if you are a pleasure seeker, wouldn’t you be interested if you were given an opportunity to have a much bigger pleasure? If you could learn how to be drunk all the time and fully alert, wouldn’t you be interested?

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Enlightenment : How much time ?

Question: “How long does it take to get enlightened?’

Sadhguru: It is not really a question of time, it is really a question of when will you do it. ‘How long does it take?’ There is no such thing because you are here. If you want to realize yourself, should it take time? In reality it should not take time. But it takes time because you do not give in all at once; you give in by installments. So whether you want to go by small installments and take 100 lifetimes, or you want to do it today is your choice. How long it takes simply depends on how intense is your longing to know.
Everybody would like to know what is after death if they could get it on the Internet. If you can login and just find out, everybody would like to know, but how badly do you really want to know? If you can casually ask ‘What happens after death? What is the source of my creation,’ that means you do not know the immensity of the question. If you burn with this question, to such an extent that you cannot utter a word but you burn, then knowing is not far away.
It is very simple. The reason why it is so far away is because the longing is still lukewarm. It is still not killing you. Still, it is on the side. If you want to know the truth like some entertainment, it will not happen. If you want it in such a way that that is all you want, then it is just a moment away, because what you want to know is within you. What is within you cannot be denied to you by anybody except yourself, isn’t it? So you just have to get yourself out of the way. Either you go in installments or you just go once.

Enlightenment need not always happen with a bang. It can happen quietly, it can be like a flower blossoming. The greatest things happening on the planet do not make any noise, isn’t it? Now a seed is becoming a plant, a plant is becoming a tree. It is not a small phenomenon, it is a tremendous phenomenon. Does it make any noise? The little achievements make a lot of noise. You know the cock gets up in the morning and makes a lot of noise. But the big things happening in existence do not make any noise. It is happening quietly isn’t it? So enlightenment also happens quietly without any noise – no big firecrackers happening, very quietly from one dimension to another. In the garden the flower quietly blooms but once it has bloomed you cannot ignore it; it is significant. The fragrance and the beauty of it is undeniably there.

So similarly enlightenment, blossoming from one dimension to another happens very quietly
, but when it happens, the moment you notice it, it is a very big thing. You cannot ignore it.

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Have you heard of the woman who made a tombstone for her husband with the inscription, “Rest in peace until we meet again”? Resting in peace, unfortunately, comes for most people only in death.

Most people only experience peace and transcendence when they are dead. But in the yogic tradition, the word “samadhi” is used to describe a state in which one has transcended the limitations of the body and mind, and this happens in life. For those who are in a state of samadhi, there is no such thing as death. Death belongs to the realm of the body.
Your body is just something you accumulated. It is a piece of earth you imbibed through food, and it is on loan from the planet. All the countless number of people who have lived on this planet before us have all become topsoil, and so will you. This planet will collect back atom by atom what it has loaned you.
When one is constantly, experientially aware that both the body and the mind are accumulations that one has gathered, that is samadhi. You are in the body, but you are not it. You are of the mind, but you are not it. That means you are absolutely free of suffering because whatever suffering you have known enters you either through the body or through the mind. Once your awareness is keen enough to create a space between these two accumulations and who you really are — this is the end of all suffering.
The root of ignorance is in being identified with the accumulations you call the body and mind. Your clarity of vision is cluttered with all your identifications and your personality. It is because of this limited identification that the distinct lines between what is “me” and what is “you” have been drawn. All disharmony, conflict and suffering are rooted in this. Samadhi is a state where you have obliterated these distinctions, and you are looking beyond the wall.
Samadhi can be a step toward enlightenment, but it is not essentially so. Staying in these states certainly hastens one’s realization of boundlessness by setting up a clear space between what is you and what is not you. However, one can know and enjoy these states but still not know the essential nature of existence or become liberated from all the compulsive aspects of life.
You may meditate for 12 years and then come out of it, and even then you may not be a realized being, although you may be a little closer. When you go into another reality and stay there for long hours or years, the grip of this present reality is broken for you, and you have an experiential understanding that present reality is not all there is. That’s the whole purpose of long meditations.
Yogis, mystics and saints from all traditions have experienced and spoken about these things. One of the Christian saints, Saint John of the Cross, spoke of the necessity to go beyond all boundaries one has known. Form, he said, must yield to the formless in order for the soul to be fully emptied. Samadhi is a certain state of equanimity, where the intellect goes beyond its normal function of discrimination. Once the intellect is on hold, the boundary of what is you and what is not you collapses.
At our centers in India and the U.S., we have created powerfully consecrated spaces where experiencing a samadhi state comes about very naturally. These samadhis are very pleasant, blissful and ecstatic. There are also samadhis that are beyond this.
Once you are liberated from all that you think is you, you will know the blissfulness of creation and creator. This blissfulness is the basis for you to experience dimensions beyond the physical, and it is the basis of true love and compassion.
Isha Yoga’s “Inner Engineering” program is now available online. For more information, visit:www.InnerEngineering.com

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Pain has a purpose

Using one’s energies to heal another person is a juvenile act. In the process of healing, they may cause great distress and damage to their own life, as well as to the other person. Whatever is happening to someone’s body is not accidental; it is happening through a certain process of cause and effect.

So, attempting any kind of pranic healing is very childish because there is a deeper process to whatever is happening to a human being. With every type of healing that anyone does, no matter what they may claim, all they do is remove the effect, not the cause. Right now the effect may be such that it is painful, but if I remove the pain, the cause is still there, and it will take effect in another way. The pain that you were experiencing was an indicator of a deeper problem. If I remove the pain, it means you did not, and will not, get to the root of it, so it will eventually have a deeper effect on you. Nature will make sure that there’s a deeper impact in your life so that you take notice of the root cause.

Whatever pain and suffering that you are going through are not punishments because of your karma. This is the way of nature indicating to you that there is a problem, otherwise you won’t know what’s happening with you. It is very difficult to make a person who is in pain understand this, but in a certain way, it is a boon that pain is surfacing.

Once it has surfaced, a way can be found to solve the problem. If pain had not surfaced, the problem would have continued for a long time. Pain makes you mature and wise. Normally, your misplaced emotion is such: pain has come, so let’s first remove it. I am not wishing that people go through pain.
Of course, we have to find relief, but it is also an opportunity for a person to look deeper and truly attend to the basics of his life. If you take that opportunity away from a person you are not doing anything good to him.

Also, it is best to teach a person the methods with which s/he can work herself/himself out rather than trying to work it out for him/her. When people heal themselves, it has a different impact on their life. If somebody else heals them, people live an even more foolish life than earlier.

Very true. I agree completely. It all depends upon person. If a person is interested in the process of life pain is the time to understand it. It is always good to learn by own pain. My feeling is pain teaches more than anything else. We only grow in pain. I don’t know about physical pain but certainly I can say about mental pain. Those are the best moments of life in which life gets challenged. Questions of life come in the front. Other times it remains deep down.

Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev, an internationally renowned spiritual leader, is a visionary, a humanitarian, author, poet and speaker. He can be contacted at www.ishafoun-dation.org

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