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Jiddu Krishnamurti on Purpose of Living

Question: We live but we do not know why. To so many of us, life seems to have no meaning. Can you tell us the meaning and purpose of our living?

Jiddu Krishnamurti: Now why do you ask this question? Why are you asking me to tell you the meaning of life, the purpose of life? What do we mean by life? Does life have a meaning, a purpose? Is not living in itself its own purpose, its own meaning? Why do we want more? Because we are so dissatisfied with our life, our life is so empty, so tawdry, so monotonous, doing the same thing over and over again, we want something more, something beyond that which we are doing.

Since our everyday life is so empty, so dull, so meaningless, so boring, so intolerably stupid, we say life must have a fuller meaning and that is why you ask this question. Surely a man who is living richly, a man who sees things as they are and is content with what he has, is not confused; he is clear, therefore he does not ask what is the purpose of life. For him the very living is the beginning and the end. Our difficulty is that, since our life is empty, we want to find a purpose to life and strive for it.

Such a purpose of life can only be mere intellection, without any reality; when the purpose of life is pursued by a stupid, dull mind, by an empty heart, that purpose will also be empty. Therefore our purpose is how to make our life rich, not with money and all the rest of it but inwardly rich – which is not something cryptic.

When you say that the purpose of life is to be happy, the purpose of life is to find God, surely that desire to find God is an escape from life and your God is merely a thing that is known. You can only make your way towards an object which you know; if you build a staircase to the thing that you call God, surely that is not God. Reality can be understood only in living, not in escape.

When you seek a purpose of life, you are really escaping and not understanding what life is. Life is relationship, life is action in relationship; when I do not understand relationship, or when relationship is confused, then I seek a fuller meaning. Why are our lives so empty? Why are we so lonely, frustrated? Because we have never looked into ourselves and understood ourselves. We never admit to ourselves that this life is all we know and that it should therefore be understood fully and completely.

We prefer to run away from ourselves and that is why we seek the purpose of life away from relationship
. If we begin to understand action, which is our relationship with people, with property, with beliefs and ideas, then we will find that relationship itself brings its own reward. You do not have to seek. It is like seeking love. Can you find love by seeking it? Love cannot be cultivated. You will find love only in relationship, not outside relationship, and it is because we have no love that we want a purpose of life. When there is love, which is its own eternity, then there is no search for God, because love is God.

It is because our minds are full of technicalities and superstitious mutterings that our lives are so empty and that is why we seek a purpose beyond ourselves. To find life’s purpose we must go through the door of ourselves; consciously or unconsciously we avoid facing things as they are in themselves and so we want God to open for us a door which is beyond. This question about the purpose of life is put only by those who do not love. Love can be found only in action, which is relationship.

Source: from book “The First and Last Freedom” by Jiddu Krishnamurti

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We Should Follow the Path Of The Great Masters

Our world is better now compared to the old times because manyMasters have stepped down to earth and taught many great laws of civilisation. We have improved. That is why our world has become more civilised, more bright, more comfortable compared to thousands of years ago. This is due to many, many great enlightened Masters who have elevated our understanding. Even though they taught just a group of people, but the teachings that they left behind, the vibration and the seeds continue to grow and benefit the whole world on a large scale, and have lifted up the whole consciousness of mankind to a higher level. Therefore, our world is getting better and better every day.

If we want to reach the same heights as the ancient Masters, we have to follow the same path they took. It is so simple. It is just like if you want to become a doctor, you have to attend a university, and follow the curriculum. The graduated doctors will teach you how to become one. Similarly, to become Christ-like, we must practice their method, we have to contact the inner light and Word of God. And I can offer you this method, freely, without any conditions, be they financial, physical or mental commitments. Only your devotion is needed. Your devotion to your own practice every day according to your own time schedule, and arrangement and by your own free will. That is all that is needed.
Now, why is it that we could not keep the ancient disciplines left by the ancient Masters? It is not because we do not want to, or that we do not make any effort to do so. It is because we do not have enough power, we are tired, weary of existence. Sometimes we must work hard just to survive in this ever growing standard of civilisation. And we also face even more ‘civilised’ temptations, so we must also adopt a more ‘civilised’ approach to guard ourselves if we want to regain our self-respect and wisdom. Because sometimes it looks like we are lost in the whirlpool of existence and pressure, and we seem to lose ourselves. Actually we do not lose our body or our desires, but we lose our self-control. This is why it is said in the Bible,’ What benefit is there for a man who gains the whole world and loses himself?
It is not enough to just believe it. You must follow a kind of personal training, and use your critical capacities and your wisdom to discover the superior levels of existence, and to adopt a more elevated way of thinking and living, that will transform you. Your internal power will do anything that you wish to accomplish. You will then know God and will be able to say,’God acts through me,’ and repeat what Jesus said, I and my Father are one. Then we will no longer feel loneliness and hardship.

Walking The Spiritual Path Requires Effort

If after examining such and we know our level, then we must learn, we must practice more, we must open our hearts to all kinds of noble influences, all kinds of noble company. We must take advantage of these chances. If we still believe that to improve our purity, to improve our wisdom is the highest purpose of humanity, then we must make an effort. But if we do not believe in this, if we think being human beings means only to grow up, to eat, to work, to earn money, and to die, then okay, then we don’t need to make an effort.

Then we just live like that and carry on day after day, day in, day out: working, eating, sleeping, making love, producing children, earning money, and then dying. No need to meditate, no need to be vegetarian, no need to read ethical books, no need to do any of these mentioned items. And don’t tell anyone, don’t make excuses that it’s too tiring, it’s too much, it’s too this, too that and the other.

Don’t we make effort in all undertakings? Effort is necessary in all kinds of transactions. Effort is needed in studying, needed to work, needed in maintaining marriages, needed in maintaining our bodies, needed in maintaining even our hair! A few strands of hair take two hours in the beauty salon. Don’t you tell me that you don’t need an effort for meditation and you don’t need to go see a master because you’re too tired, too long, too this and that and the other. How about your hair?

Ask yourself how many hours you spend on your ephemeral body — all the eight, ten hours working just because of this body. All the study — many years — just because of this body. You study for ten, twenty years because you want to have a good job, maintain your body and your family’s bodies. What else? And you work for thirty more years after studying, also just because of the body or maybe for the bodies of your family members or the bodies of your beloved citizens. So now, how can we say we don’t need any effort?
We refuse the effort for the soul — it’s not logical! And the soul is the most important thing. Without the soul the body is no use! Go to the cemetery and find so many bodies there. When people die they also make them up, make their lips beautiful here, and make coiffeur and beautiful clothes. But what is the use of that body then?

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Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai
Lecture at Harvard University, Boston, U.S.A.
October 27, 1989 (Originally in English)
Q: What was the physical feeling at the moment You found the Truth? What did You feel?

M: There are many ways. Sometimes you have no physical feeling whatsoever. You enjoy in a different dimension. It does not always relate to the physical feeling. You do not use a physical body to enjoy the heavenly bliss. It is a different kind of enjoyment which also manifests sometimes in a physical feeling, like you will feel very peaceful, that is, nothing will move you at all: no anger, no hatred will arise in your mind, and your body will feel so relaxed and so beautiful. That is a lighter kind of samadhi.
Once you are in a deeper samadhi, there’s no connection whatsoever with your physical body, and you can’t tell. But when you come back, the manifestations of the Light take place at the physical level. For example, you will be more loving to people, you will do your work faster, you will think more quickly, you will be more tolerant, and you will look at all the books and understand them in no time. In other words, you are more intelligent, more loving, and calmer. That is how it manifests through a physical body. But otherwise, when you are in very deep samadhi, you are disconnected from the body, with no physical feelings.

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Today is the last day in Pahalgaon. With Osho, sometime it feels the time has
stopped and at other times it feels it is running very fast. While I am busy packing, I hear the voice of this Muslim watchman, who is standing at the door. I ask him to come after an hour to help us carry our luggage to the car. As a token of his services, I give him twenty rupees, which he receives with thanks and leaves.

We are sitting on the verandah with Osho, ready to leave. The watchman comes and salutes Osho saying, “Aleikum Salaam”. Osho smiles at him. He asks Osho if he can come to Bombay to serve Him. I can see tears in his eyes. He is deeply touched by Osho’s love. Osho blesses him by placing His hand on his head, and asks me if I have given him some money. I tell Osho about giving him twenty rupees. Osho says, “Give him twenty more”. Twenty rupees is quite an amount in these days. People hardly give five rupees as baksheesh to their servants. Osho has the heart of an emperor who is always ready to share to the maximum. I give the watchman twenty rupees more. While receiving it he holds my hand and starts crying. It touches me deeply and tears overflow from my eyes also. Thank you beloved master, for giving me this opportunity to open my heart to a stranger.

Almost having tears in my eyes when reading. Love you for sharing such a nice story.

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Who is the real Sannyasin

As I come out of the room, I see Chaitanya Bharti standing there with his camera. I ask him if he will take a picture of me with Osho after discourse. He agrees to it. I tell him that after discourse I will go near Osho, where he should be available.

I sit down on the floor in the audience near the podium and close my eyes. I am in an “Aha” space. I have no clue of what is going on. There are about 400 to 500 people sitting in pin drop silence waiting to receive their master. In a couple of minutes I feel Osho’s presence near me and I open my eyes. He is right in front of me, standing with His folded hands, greeting His friends. I look upwards to see His face one more time to quench my unending thirst. He speaks nearly two hours, answering all kinds of questions.

After discourse, I walk towards Him and say, “Osho, I want to have a picture with you.” He immediately agrees to it and I stand next to Him on His right side, and Chaitanya Bharti clicks his camera in seconds. This picture is my real treasure. When I receive it in the mail from Delhi, I take it to show to Osho.

Osho gazes at the picture for a minute and signs it with the message; “One who lets go of everything is a real Sannyasin.”


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Flying kiss How ??

Osho has already moved to His new apartment in Woodlands building. I am seeing Him almost every day, narrating Him all kinds of incidents. He enjoys and laughs and tells me not to take anything seriously.

I narrate to Him how college boys throw flying kisses from the running buses when I am standing at a bus stop. I feel very awkward when people standing in the queue start looking at me as if I am a fool.

He tells me, “If someone is sending you a flying kiss, just stretch your arm and give him flying blessings. What else can you do?

By and by, I get used to all such incidents. Osho is already very notorious and is known as ‘Sex Guru’ and people think of us as prostitutes.

By now, I have become very strong inside and don’t care a bit about others’ opinions. One morning I am waiting at the platform to catch the train. One so-called gentleman walks towards me and asks me if I would like to be with him tonight. I just tell him, “Sorry, you are too late. I am already engaged.” He takes it seriously and asks, “How about tomorrow?” I reply to him, “Tomorrow never comes.” He can not get the point and utterly confused, walks away.

When I tell this incident to Osho, He really enjoys it and says, “Well done, Jyoti. Just be playful like that and there will be no problem.”


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Osho has started speaking every evening from 8:00pm at His apartment in Woodlands. Sometimes discourse goes on for a couple of hours. It takes me more than an hour to reach my home in the suburbs. It is quite an odd time. There are hardly any women traveling by local train at that late hour. Men give me funny looks and sometimes pass ugly remarks. But at any cost, I don’t want to miss His discourse.

As usual, I am going back home by local train and for some reason the train stops between two stations nearly half an hour. I am getting worried. It is going to be too late tonight. By the time the train reaches Andheri station it is already 11:45pm.

I walk out of the station and wait at the bus stop. One man standing by my side starts talking to me very gently and offers me a lift in a taxi. First I hesitate, but finding no other way, I agree to it. He hires a taxi and opens the door for me. I enter first and he sits by my side. As the taxi starts, he puts his arm around me and tells me to introduce myself. I can smell his vibe and feel myself stupid for accepting his offer. My mind stops working. I don’t know what to do now. He comes more close and says I look tired. If I would like to eat and have some drink first… I gather myself together and tell him, “It is too late, I want to go straight home.” He laughs and whispers in my ear, “tonight, you are not going home.” He presses my hand. I simply freeze and remember Osho. To my utter surprise, suddenly something clicks. I become very much aware and tell him, “Yes please. I am feeling very hungry. Let us get down here and have some food.” He asks the taxi driver to stop and we get out of the taxi. He is looking at the meter to pay the taxi fare. And really a miracle happens. One bus arrives and halts right in front of me. I rush and enter into the bus from the exit door, which the driver does not object to at all. My heart is still throbbing fast in fear, though I have reached home safely. I promise to myself never to take a ride again in my life.

What an incident! But it proves what Osho is saying about our sexually suppressed society.


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