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Q: (A member of the audience asked a question and it was inaudible)
Sri Sri: Yes. In Ashram everyone is needed, you can definitely do Seva. Whoever wishes to do Seva in the Ashram, come and talk to the Seva administrator and say how many months, one month or two months or how many days you can stay and work and they will arrange it for you.

Q: Jai Gurudev this Rudra puja and Devipuja being done in the Ashram, what is the benefit of this?

Sri Sri: When the pooja is being done do you feel well and happy? Do you feel it is very nice? (Ans – Yes) That is it; that is the intention to bring out the benevolent energy that is present. What is the use of meditation? When we meditate the energy that is present inside us wakes up. Where is that energy? In the base of the body (Kunda), this Kundalini energy rises up. Where ever puja is being performed this kundalini energy spreads and takes a benevolent form when you perform puja. That is why you do the puja.

Q: (A member of the audience asked a question and it was inaudible)

Sri Sri: Good question. See in this world highest yield of cotton was in this country. In the entire world India is the highest producer of wheat. Our country is the highest producer of milk in the entire world. We are much advanced in growing vegetables. Despite this in our country the farmers are not getting the proper value for their production. What is the reason for this? There is no proper distribution of produce. One can say that the reason for this is the Minister for Agriculture and Farming in the central Government. We are importing sugar at Rs.32 per kilo and exporting sugar at Rs.12 per kilo. This type of corruption is taking place in our country and we are sitting with closed eyes. Is it right you ask yourselves? This is not right. Is it not? That is why we want the Lokpal bill to come up. Even with that they have to do it properly for it to bring results. See if you continue to fight for this it will happen. Some positive results will come. Some time we’ll succeed. We will get positive results. Winning and losing are a normal process. That is not a big deal.

Q: Guruji, how should one become an ideal (not idol!) husband or wife?

Sri Sri: Idol husband and wife are Lord Ram and Sita and they are in the temple. I am inexperienced in answering this question. I can only provide an answer to a question in which I have experience. But on the basis of what I have heard from people, I can say that a wife should never hurt the ego of her husband. It may be that the husband is not using his intellect and the wife is thinking, ‘oh he is so stupid!’ Instead she should say, ‘the world might consider you stupid, but I know how intelligent you are. You are the most capable person in this world.’ This is how you should flatter your husband. This is what wives have to do. The moment the husband enters the home, shower him with praise, strengthen his ego. Now a secret for men never hurt the feelings of your wife. A wife is sentimental. It is possible that she may complain about her parents, but you should never join in. You should stay quiet. Who knows when she might switch sides, and you will be stuck in the middle. It can be very dangerous. You need to be safe. Never say anything about the in-laws. Your wife may complain, but you should never say anything. Secondly, if she needs to go for satsang, shopping or to the temple, never stop her. Don’t ask her why she goes to shop every day. Just give her your credit card. Then there will be peace at home.

Q: Guruji is there some project with us to link the rivers?

Sri Sri: Our scientists have prepared this project to link the rivers. But our Government may not have the time to implement the project. Whether they have the will to implement the project or not is another question? If people like you come forward and press this issue it might get implemented.

 Q: (A member of the audience asked a question and it was inaudible)

Sri Sri: God is present in every one. Not only in Rama. Don’t think God is present only in Rama .God is present in you and in me.

Q: Guruji, how do you find an ideal Guru in the physical form?
Sri Sri: I have no idea! Ideal disciple I can say but I don’t know what an ideal Guru is. Ideal disciple is one who does sadhana, seva and satsang, and does not dig wells in several different places and does not engage in spiritual shopping. One who honours everyone, and stays in knowledge. Guru is one who does not want anything for himself, one who shows the path to anyone he meets.

I was reading Osho. Some where he says the same thing. Very true. Guru is not idle. it is the disciple that is idle. It is totally one way traffic.

Q: Why are there so many Gods with us?

Sri Sri: God is one but the names are many, forms are many. Shiva –Shakti both are one. Ardhanarishwara, Both are one. Hari hara is not two it is just one. Half is Hara and the other half is Hari. Half woman and half man: ardhanaarishwara. Everything is one, God is one but names are many. There is only one God ‘Bhagavanta’.



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