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Answered by Quan Yin messenger
(Originally in Chinese)
Q: How do you distinguish between “bodily illnesses” and “karmic illness?” How do you treat them?

A: Illnesses that can be treated by conventional medical means are considered “bodily illnesses.” “Karmic illnesses” are associated with the damaged magnetic fields of the sick. To repair a damaged magnetic field of a sick person is not a simple task. It takes a special person whose magnetic field is very pure and strong, which can absorb any bad magnetic field and dissolve it completely. Therefore, sometimes when people go to visit a spiritual practitioner, just by sitting next to him/her, their long-time illnesses suddenly are cured without taking any medicine. It is because the practitioner’s magnetic field is so kind and pure that it can dissolve the karmic forces exerted by the vicious external spirits and convert them. That’s why these illnesses cannot be cured by usual scientific means.
To treat an illness, one should go to see a physician first. If the doctor cannot cure it, then one must look into one’s own karma, repent for one’s sins, and find a way to restore one’s magnetic field. For instance, we should do good deeds, respect and follow spiritual practitioners, reduce our intake of meat and liquor, and eliminate greed, animosity, and attachment. We should search for a high-level method of practice to cure ourselves. This is the most fundamental way of treating illnesses.


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Magical power and cheng ahi

Blessing Power 
as Differentiated from Magical Power
Answered by Quan Yin messenger 
(Originally in Chinese)

Q: What is the difference between Master’s blessing power and magical power?
A: The so-called “magical powers” imply chanting mantras, hand mudras, willpower, or curing illness by touching certain parts of the body. These are still at the level of the body, speech, and mind. Magical power at any level derived from the body, speech and mind still consists of the “ego” and is within the three realms. When these magical powers within the three realms are being exercised, only one phenomenon or one response can be affected each time. For example, when you ask for the wind and rain you will only get the wind and rain. You can only cure a sickness when you want to cure one. However, when the Master is blessing, there isn’t any concept of “I am blessing you.” Everything is being generated naturally and without any deliberate action, just as naturally as having a meal and drinking water. But all those who are blessed will receive a corresponding response of enlightenment according to their needs. This is the “egoless” magical power of the Master.

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Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai
Lecture at Harvard University, Boston, U.S.A.
October 27, 1989 (Originally in English)
Q: What was the physical feeling at the moment You found the Truth? What did You feel?

M: There are many ways. Sometimes you have no physical feeling whatsoever. You enjoy in a different dimension. It does not always relate to the physical feeling. You do not use a physical body to enjoy the heavenly bliss. It is a different kind of enjoyment which also manifests sometimes in a physical feeling, like you will feel very peaceful, that is, nothing will move you at all: no anger, no hatred will arise in your mind, and your body will feel so relaxed and so beautiful. That is a lighter kind of samadhi.
Once you are in a deeper samadhi, there’s no connection whatsoever with your physical body, and you can’t tell. But when you come back, the manifestations of the Light take place at the physical level. For example, you will be more loving to people, you will do your work faster, you will think more quickly, you will be more tolerant, and you will look at all the books and understand them in no time. In other words, you are more intelligent, more loving, and calmer. That is how it manifests through a physical body. But otherwise, when you are in very deep samadhi, you are disconnected from the body, with no physical feelings.

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Blessed by the Living Master
Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai 
Malaysia February 25, 1992
(Originally in English)

Q: What is involved in the process of You, as a Master, giving a blessing to people? For instance, when You want to give a blessing to the people here tonight, what is involved?

M: I have not said that I will give any blessings to you or anyone. It’s just that when people are extremely unhappy, they request it. Unless I do something, anything, they will not feel satisfied. Then, would you call that giving a blessing? I myself never feel that I give blessings to anyone. And if God consents to give a blessing to anyone through me, then it will be done. No problem! It’s because I’m all there for God.

But what can I do for you? Why don’t you bless yourself with your own God power and get the blessing every day and forever, insted of just once by the blessing from my hand, my feet, my eyes, or whatever? It’s short-lived and it’s borrowed. It is better to earn your own money, invest it, and become a millionaire in no time. The best blessing is your own blessing. When you develop yourself morally, in purity, and intellectually, then you will have wisdom. You will know that God is within you. You can contact that God and get blessed every day, unasked, and in plenty. If you get fed up with your blessing, then you can give it to someone else.

I cannot bless you if you do not bless yourself. I might give you some kind comfort and upliftment for the moment, should you be receptive to it, but the best and longest blessing is initiation – enlightenment.

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Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai
Paris, France, January 24, 1997
(Originally In English and French)
Q: We must work outside spiritually, but we cannot always choose our work and our boss; and sometimes some bosses are not honest and they force us to follow them because we work for them. They exploit us, they want money, and we have to follow. How can we consolidate this with spirituality? If I could work twenty-four hours a day for You I would do it, but I have to earn money.

M: You don’t have to work twenty-four hours for me. Meditate two and a half hours for yourself and that will be enough. Regarding your question, you don’t have to follow the boss; you just work for the boss. You do your duty, perfect your job, and earn the money that is assigned to you. Whether the boss is honest or not, you don’t care, because you don’t really know if the boss is honest or not. If you know and if you feel uncomfortable, then leave and seek another job.
To be a boss is also a very difficult position. As you have pressure from the boss and the job, he has pressure from his job, the environment, and the connecting aspects with his position and his business. He has to struggle in the world of great competition to survive. Sometimes he’s forced to do things that he might not conscientiously like to do. So we do not really know. Just forgive him if he is wrong, and do your best in your job.
To be a boss is very difficult, I can tell you. If you make one mistake, you might lose millions of dollars, the whole company will be closed down, and thousands of people will be out of work. So, sometimes the responsibilities and pressures upon the boss are enormous. Maybe we should understand the boss better.

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Ego or True Self

Answered by Quan Yin messenger

(Originally in Chinese)

Q: How do we distinguish whether it is our real inner great wisdom or our human mind that is functioning?

A: If we do anything that is harmful to another person, other beings, our nation or society, then we should not do it. Similarly, if we do anything that is beneficial to ourselves, to our family, our nation and society, then we should do it immediately. At that time, we are acting with wisdom.

If we are following a real living enlightened Master to practice, we should do and believe whatever this Master says that is correct under any circumstance. Whatever this Master says that is wrong, then we shouldn’t do or believe that. This is a very simple method to help us be discriminating and to prevent us from being cheated by the mind. Later, as we practice and reach higher levels, we will meet inside the transformation bodies of the Buddha and saints or our own Master. They will tell us inside what is good, what we should do, what things are only illusions, and how our mind is cheating us. We will understand more clearly.

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