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Pusan -Hey, Gaurav let us come. Dinner is ready.

Gaurav – Ok, Pusan, Just a second please, I am writing a email and then coming.

Pusan – these days you are writing a lot of emails. It seems something is going on. Who is the girl, let me know too friend. Don’t keep so secret.

Gaurav – No friend. I am writing mail for my sister.

Pusan – ok, I thought some thing else. Oh, if you are writing for sister then come and have dinner. What is the urgency of writing the email? You can write later.

Gaurav – Ok, just a second. Let me finish the last line. Its group mail, read before click send button. You arrange the plates at table. I am coming.

Pusan (arranging the plates on table) – oh, very good smell of rice, Basmati rice, Potato the king of vegetable, where is the spoon, here, ok.

Gaurav – Do you have salt there on the table?

Pusan – Not Gaurav, plese bring the salt.

Gaurav (with eating) – nice taste buddy, nice taste.

Pusan – your sister participated in Indian Idol, what happened?

Gaurav – yes, you also send a SMS tomorrow at 99675426 at 8 O’clock to vote my sister. I have forgotten to tell you. I was so engrossed in emailing that I forgot to tell you. Tomorrow is her final performance. The result depends on how much SMS she gets?

Pusan – the result only depends on SMS not on the performance.

Gaurav – No buddy, SMS is directly related to performance, these days television completion are becoming more open. They take opinion from Junta directly by SMS. This is the best style of healthy competition. The better the performance the more the SMS and. More SMS meaning performance is better. Indirectly performance is judged by the audience via SMS.

Pusan – That’s a good idea. More interactive too. Good conversation between audience and performer via television authority of India. So, have you called to your relatives?

Gaurav – yes Pusan they are in interior town, there internet is not possible so I called in the morning today itself. They don’t even have the cable connection.

Pusan – if they don’t have cable connection then how they will watch the performance?

Gaurav – perhaps they will not be able to watch the performance. I have given the mobile no 99675426 for doing SMS. They will do exactly on 8.00 O’clock in the night.

Pusan – if some thing went wrong, I mean time table of performance change then?

Gaurav – oh, for that I have solution. I will ring them and say that wait for some time. And later when the performance will start I will say send SMS they will send.  

Pusan – That’s why today you were busy in emailing.

Gaurav – yes, buddy almost I have emailed to 300 friends to watch the performance of my sister and send the SMS. If some one is busy (like travelling, eating, bathing, playing) then simply send the SMS at 8 o’clock no need to watch the performance. Performance; they can watch anytime. These days TV Channels are showing the same episode many times in a week, but voting occurs only once.

Pusan – that’s nice. By Insann Allah your sister will come first.

Gaurav – yes buddy, she will come first. My parent, elder sister and brother have worked hard to spread the message.

            Today performance day, every member of Gaurav’s family is exited. 8.00 O’clock performance started. SMS, SMS and only the SMS. Every one is doing SMS.

usan – Hey, Gaurav how many SMS more you need to come first.

Gaurav – we need only three more SMS.

Pusan – wait a minute, I am going outside on the road. The Ricksaw Wala ji (a vehicle puller) has the mobile. I will ask him to do SMS.

Pusan (to Ricksaw walla ji) – Bhaiya ek SMS ker do na. (Ricksaw walla ji does not understand English, meaning of the above line; please can you send an SMS on 97354273)

Ricksaw walla – I don’t know brother, what do you mean by SMS? (Again it was Hindi) I only know how to dial the number and talk to my family in the village. Let us keep my mobile and do the SMS yourself sir.

Puskar took the mobile and did the SMS.  He repeated the same act with three Ricksaw walla. Gaurav came out side the house shouting “hey Pusan my sister is first my sister is first.”

Pusan – congratulation, yaar, congrats.

Gaurav – let us go and have some sweets. They went for Landmark and brought best sweets.

                                    The ricksaw wallas saw those guys eating delicious sweets and not able to understand anything. One Ricksaw walla asked to another'” what type of performance this is? “The third Ricksaw walla replied,”it seems our media has become so advanced that they changed the definition of performance.” They three laughed once again and left for their duty.

Dedicated to : email and Ricksaw walla Ji



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The Gift Pack

The Gift Pack

Why you hurtled me? You knew from the beginning all this, then, why you hurtled me? Asking these questions to himself, “Yasar switched on the computer. No, he doesn’t want to work. Why he will work? For whom he will work? What is the use of working? Nobody is mine in this world. I am alone. Computer broke his silence and asked for password, he filled the checkbox against password, saying what a dull computer. He ran his eye around the room sitting in the chair, he observed; “the desk – full of dust and messed up books”, “the chair – making noise after fidgeting,” “the door-gate – “half open trying to avoid any newcomers inside,” “the floor – clean but cleanliness has no meaning,” “the room atmosphere – suffocating with a dingy smell- a signal of run away from the office,” go out side and inhale fresh air. The same room, same desk, same computer, same work, same friend, I am frustrated with all this.  I don’t want to work.  My heart says not to work, I will not work, I don’t care my sincerity, I don’t care my intelligence, I don’t care my degree, these all are mind business.

  With a very and depressed mind he filled the user name and password in Gmail web page. No new mail, no, there is an unread mail from blogger site. What is this? Leave it, no use of reading such a mail, a spam. Thinking not to read this mail, he clicked the blogger message started to read.

          Dear Yasar,

        “You have a coupon of thousand rupees you can use it”     to buy         any thing at our store.

Thanks and regard

Blogger  & its co-partner

Ooh, I did something yesterday with their point business plan; perhaps it is the output of that plan, he realized. Coupon for blog writing good idea to market their business, good idea to make website popular, good idea to keep people in dark. It seems their point business was not 100% effective that why another lure for reader.

 On the other hand Yasar felt very satisfied with this e-coupon. He said to his inner “this is my coupon,” I earned it. Its mine coupon – a coupon of my loneliness, a coupon of his different mental state, a coupon of his satisfaction, a coupon of his writing skill, a coupon of most loved, which I did job in last one month. Great, when I worked for Coupon no body gave me, and when I worked for myself blogger gave me coupon of sympathy. True, true, when ever you want something you will not get, and when ever you don’t know what you want, you will get something.

But, what I will do with this e-coupon, I am not in India. Cash of coupon, not possible. What is the last date of validity of this e-coupon, dragging mouse below he got the answer 17 August 2007. Leave it, no use – yasar sat in the chair tapping a book. Idea, Idea, forward the Coupon to some friend, he will use it. Who is the best friend, he searched in his memory. No body, no one is my friend I am alone. I am alone that’s why I got the coupon and a coupon of loneliness should also remain alone without any cash.

            Yasar was playing with mouse and key board in the filed blogger webpage. He clicked the FAQ. Result is in front of him. What is this? You can cash your e-coupon online. Online store in India “he asked himself?”  Miracle, miracle, India’s service sector developed a lot in last one year. When I left India last year service sector was not so advanced. But who will get the benefit of all these services only people like me, the rich people, and the big cities. These service sector advancement does not affect the life of a person living in a village or small cities at all “, Yasar brodded.” I don’t think they will deliver online order in my remote city. Yasar clicked the next FAQ answer – We have 240 branches all over the india and deliver our product all over the India in seven days.

Miracle, miracle, a complete miracle. It’s a good thing. But I don’t have any interest in sending the gift “Yasar said to himself.” And nobody is mine, I am alone. Let us see what is there in online store. Mobile, camera, CD’s, Laptops hi-fi things no use. Come to sptituality section see what is there? Image of god and godess the first one Maa Durga – Rs 750, second one, playing Ganesh– Rs 450, third one, dancing Ganesh – Rs 670,fourth one, Radha-Krishna – Rs 650, Santoshi Maa – Rs 450. Santoshi Maa – My mothers goddess. The santoshi Maa her favorite Goddess, she worshipped her for my arrival in this world.

 As soon as Yasar remember santoshi Maa, he enters into a different world, where only her mother, Santoshi Maa and Yasar lives. All the emotions of childhood, how his mother beated him and later said, why not you ran away my son, when I am beating you, how she bathe me with cold water, how she told me all those stories of my child hood, how she praised my all effort to become a good student and a socially fit person, how she made the Rasgulla in Diwali, how she hated to make chicken and curry for me only because of Goddess, she loves Goddess more than me. Goddess the Santoshi Maa-the only love of my mother and my mother the only my love. I will send this image to my mother, “the utter urge of my heart”  a proof of my emotional connection between me  and motehr,  I am not alone; my mother is always with me. Even at this moment of life when I felt completely alone.

  But what about father if he will see that I have send a gift to my mother but not any gift for him, he will not think bad, he will not fill lack of love by his son, he will not feel we don’t remember him. We only love to mother. No it’s not a justice to send a gift to mother only. Any other goddess yes, my father is a worshipper of Maa Sharaswati. Thanks online store image of Srasawati ji is also present in the cart.

            Yasar ordered both the imagesthe first one, Maa Santoshi – a choice of his heart, Maa Saraswati – a result of his mind. He packed his mind and heart in the same gift. He don’t have anything with him, he packed what ever he owns, now he is not alone, because you feel alone only if you have your heart with you to feel emptiness and you have your mind who will tell you that you are alone.


 Yasar filled the address of his remote town    

Shree XXXX Prasad


Post office –ZZZZZZ

Pin – 3453735

and then clicked the submit button for order in a hope that these gift will reach one day to his parents. He knows that, if these gifts reach to his remote place then it will be a miracle, a complete miracle. A miracle of technology, a miracle of emotion, a miracle of sending Gift Pack.


Dedicated to the sentence “ kuch lane ka adat hi nahi hai ki, iii na ki kuch le ke chalen”  ( you make a habbit of bringing something)

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