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Bad Character


Bad Character

There was some frog living in a deep well. All frogs were very happy. There was democracy in the well so no frog can disturb another frog. Every new born frog was taught the lesson of life. Like what is the meaning of life? What he has to do? How he has to live the life? What is the way of getting happiness etc.  Generally, the old frogs whose legs are dangling in the well are appointed as teacher.

Since they have experience of life, so they know better about lesson of life.  These old frogs were very concerned about the character. They assumed that character is everything. If character is lost everything is lost. So they wanted to preserve the character of every frog any how.

Every frog has to take admission in character school. It was three year course. In the first year they were given introduction about their deep well. In the second year, they know that there are some other well also exits. In the third year, they learned the fact that there others frog living outer this well has a different culture. In the final exam every frog were asked the same question. A Yes/No type question. That’s it. The question was

 “Do you agree that our character is best?”

“Do you understand that there exists some frog, which has different character?”

“Do you promise that you will not copy those frogs because their character is bad?”

Those who said yes are called for convocation. And those who said No got award of death.

We are frog from deep well, we have the best character. Don’t go outside the well. Don’t copy the others character. The old frog warned once again.

During the convocation every frog has to take an oath. The convocation day came. The seminar hall is full of frogs. The old frogs, the professors are on the stage. The invited chief guest frog sitting in the front chair. Chief Guest stood. Every frog followed him. He started to read the first line keeping his eye on oath note “hey, my brilliant and talented frogs, the whole society is on your shoulders, you have to take care of character of society.  You promise that where ever you will go, you will preserve your character.” The others frog repeated the same.

The chief guest continued “your character is the best character in the world and you don’t have to copy the others character. The other frog repeated.

The chief guest felt happy and read the last sentence” you will not go out side to this deep well and if any frog come from outer world then it is your responsibility that you have to change his character. Every frog repeated the same.

After speech every frog was awarder by his character certificate. The top ranker was awarded by gold medal.

The frog that got the gold medalist was not happy with his medal. He doubted that whether this medal has any meaning or not. It might be possible that for other people this medal has no meaning. How can he know the value of this medal without comparing this one to some other medal? This doubt made him sleep less. He wanted to know the truth of his certificate, value of his medal. But whom he will ask?  He is the best student of his batch so he can’t ask to his friends. Anther option, he can ask to his elders, but he knows the answer of his elders so there is no point of asking them. He was worried what to do? Idea came, he need higher study. He will do Phd in the field of character.

Brooding all this he jumped into the dangling bucket in the well. The person pulled the rope and the frog came outside the well. He saw there is a lot of well. A lot of frog is living in the pond even. He was completely astonished. These frogs are doing completely different. Their character is completely different. They are doing what ever they want. They don’t have any constraint. They live in pond. No constraint of well wall. These frogs can go even on dry land, when ever they want. He started his phd and interviewed a lot of frogs. He interviewed child, young and old frogs. Every body replied the same their character is not bad. They are not the best but certainly we are not bad.

The researcher frog completed his Phd. He wrote his thesis like this “character has no meaning. It is a artificial thing made by human being.  Character is the outcome of culture. No character is bad and no character is good. It is our ego, our selfishness, which makes us to feel ourselves the best. If the same human being is born in different planet then his culture was completely different. Even in that case he thought the same his character is best.

Dedicaton : style , half of the article i realised that i followed different style

Bucket: Aeroplane

Deep  well – a culture

Pond – a free culture

Well – constrained mind

Old frog – superstition

Phd – technical students


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