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A Pictorial Journey


A Pictorial Journey

Sonu – Papa, where is America?

Papa – It is in the other part of earth. Seven ocean apart from India.

Sonu – Papa my friend Bittu says that America is just below the India. He was saying that if I dig a well in the earth, we will eventually land in American. And papa as Bittu was saying there are same type person exists in the America. Only change in colour white in place of brown. God always gives birth of two same type of person at the same time, one person in India and other twin in America. I mean if we will dig the bore hole I will find one Sonu and one papa were talking to each other in America. Like us. Same copy. As Bittu was saying God has made everything in pair one in India and other in America.

Papa – I don’t know son much. But don’t play with Bittu. He is not a good boy at all. He is mad. He doesn’t care what he says. Play with other children.

Sonu – ok, papa as you say from tomorrow I will not play with him. But he know about America, he says that in last night in dream he went to America.

Papa – America is a big country, very far from here. Nobody has gone from our small town. How this Bittu dare to go America in dream. He is totally mad, dream does not cost this does mean one can dream what ever he wants. I say don’t play with him.

Sonu – papa he says when it is day in India it is night in America.

Papa – yes son, I have also heard the same but I don’t know the truth. No body from our family has gone there. Your grand pa has a great desire to go there. But he did not go somehow. He was a strong desire to travel the world. He collected a lot of picture from library. He read a lot of literature about America, he collected a lot of money to go there.

Sonu – then why he has not gone there papa?

Papa – he went at Calcutta harbor. But custom officer at harbor asked him about VISA. He was not having VISA. He came back and tried his best to get VISA but never got.

Sonu – papa what is VISA?

Papa- sonu VISA is a bus ticket to go America. Like when we go Patna we buy a ticket from Bus conductor. In the same way if you want to go to America you have to buy a ticket from America Government. One place it is called ticket and other place it is called VISA; one side it is the bus conductor and other side it is American Embassy. Both are same my son. Only the difference is one for people like us (so called poor people by the society) and other is for super star like Amitabh Bachhan.

Sonu – papa you know more than Bittu. He does not know any thing. He just knows how to make fool us. Papa, but how do you know all this. You have never gone to America.

Papa – son, I have never gone. But your grand pa told me the story of getting VISA that’s why I remember everything. He said VISA is available only to those who are technically educated.

Sonu – papa, once you said our grand pa was most brilliant person around 100 km circle from our small town.

Papa – that’s true my son. He was most talented person I have never saw any body like him in my life. But once he said, he does not know anything. He only knows about literature and these days nobody cares about these literatures. That’s why I said for getting VISA  one should be technically sound. Go, and study mathematics don’t talk much. Mathenmtaics will make you technically sound.

Sonu – yes father, I will try to work hard in maths.

Sonu- papa there is a picture in grand pa old box. What that picture is? Is this picture from America?

Papa – yes my son your grand pa brought that picture when he went to Delhi for attending international book fair.

Sonu (bringing the picture in one hand)-  what a nice picture papa, still beautiful after along time. Why the ground in the picture looking white, papa? In India we have yellow soil. In America soil is white papa?

Papa – no son, it is not soil. These are snow. In America they have a harsh winter. Sometime temperature goes to negative. At that negative temperature water freezes and it takes a form of ice.

Son – papa, this mean there people does not water. They have snow only. They melt snow for drinking water?

Papa – no son their houses are centrally heated, so temperature inside the house remains like India. That’s why people work a lot inside their houses. And drinking water is easily supplied in the houses by Municipality Corporation. Some time water freezes in side the pipe due to cold winter and causing pipe failure.

Son – papa what do you mean by centrally heating?

Papa- good question son. Centrally heating is nothing but our Chullah. We burn cow dung for making our lunch in chullah. The same way they have chullah made up of iron and in place of cow dung they burn natural gas. The natural gas is like LPG (liquefied petroleum gass). But on the top of their chullah they don’t put pot. They keep open so that heat can travel in side the room. They also use some modern techniques to regulate and keeping the temperature stable inside the house.

Son – now I under stood papa what do you mean by centrally heating. One more thing papa in photo there are two type of tree. One has leaves and other does not have leaves.

Papa- good observation son.  There are a lot of trees are there. But birds are not as much as in India. The whole tree of America can be classified in two categories. One type of tree has their leaves on the tree whole year. They are evergreen tree. I mean leaves always remains in the tree.  And other type of tree losses their leaves in harsh winter and new leaves again comes in the summer.

Papa -see son the back ground of picture?

Son – yes, papa it is looking very beautiful. The sunrays drooping on the ice making a golden spread on cotton.

Papa – nice observation son. See also there are some small houses in the background of picture. They have their houses made up of wood.

Son – why wood papa? Why not concrete, brick?

Papa – see my son wood is the insulator of heat. So in harsh winter wood help those Americans from cold. Also they have a lot of trees so they use the wood for building making purpose. There are a lot of things to tell my son. Let us session for today I will be waiting for your comment on this photo journey.


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