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We don’t need newspaper any more, close the press, “the chief editor of ” Chitralekha Times” ordered in outburst.” What happened sir? Why are you so much angry today, “the associate editor requested.”


Chief Editor replied in outburst – I am frustrated with editing career. The same news, the same story, the same advertisement from last fifty year.


The same naked body of Hullika ferawat, the same body building Kuleman khan, the same rape incidence to sensetilise people, same thief incidence, same politics, no change. Even I can tell which advertisement came at which page corner.


I remember clearly, when I started my career in journalism the advertisement of SunLight soap came on the back of front cover page. Even today the same add comes on the same place. No change. I am bored from managing all this advertisement.


But sir why you forget that these advertisements generate revenue, “the associate editor replied.” The chief editor scolded in outburst, “what do you think, I came here for revenue generation.” If I was having a hobby of revenue generation then I have joined Income tax revenue department. You are fool. Go and generate revenue leave me alone I will generate human value.


Fifty years ago, when I joined the “Chitralekha times” I dreamt that I will contribute a little too human value. But in last fifty year “Chtralekha Times” contributed a lot in my human value. I am frustrated with all this news. There is no need of this kind of sensitislizing news to the society.


We need something different. Something which can change the human value, “the chief editor replied.” There is nothing sir, which can change mentality of human, “associate editor replied.” The human value has already gone inside the drainage pipe due to all this movie actor and actress. And what ever is remaining is taken away by our news channel. They are showing everything which they don’t have to see. The same news 24X7 hours.


Chief Editor replied, “I am going to completely change our press.” The idea of our news paper is going to be completely different from today onwards. Call every body. Every member of press office came in the meeting hall.


The chief editor started his speech,” Dear my colleague, no not colleague, dear my sons and daughters, as you know I am working for this news paper from last fifty year. I have seen the childhood, teen, young and now old age of “Chitralekha times”.  We tried our best to grow our Chtralekha and our Chitralekha community.


We published what ever Junta demanded. We got sufficient, money. In growing our press community, we become so much engrossed that we forgot the real community for which we are writing, from where we are getting all the revenue. This is not good at all. I say never forget the root.


If this goes continuing next two year then our “Chitralekha tree” is going to full of insects (deemak) and suddenly it will become so weak that its will fly away from its place in a small wind. That’s why I say first concentrate on roots. Make our roots stronger then what ever story you wish publish.


Old satge  of Chitralekha has already came. What do you think is it the money which shows that quality of paper? No at all. It is the human value which shows the depth of news paper. I have seen the many pressing going through this cancerous stage, nobody survived after this sage.


  All of you are enjoying, your kids are enjoying but you don’t see those kids are crying from where you are getting the news. You

Gets your payment because we advertise. And these advertisement are the by product of those stories. The storey of those poor children, the story of those crying woman, the story of those beggar which is highly paid by advertising company.


Have you ever thought about the life of those poor people? You get your payment on 31st of every month and goes to your house fora nice gift for your wife. God is looking everybody I say ‘Be careful.” Those stories are not your story. You only collect them from society and translate into words. That is only because you are educated. If everybody were educated then nobody has given you right to copy his copyright. Don’t think if they they are uneducated means that they don’t know their right.


  Child learn every right he is in stomach of mother. Every one is Abhimanue in present e- Kaliyug. I say close all these sensational news from today itself. Now we will only publish story.


Only story which has moral values, and which has potential to change the society. The story which can awake our youths. And now about the revenue. Yes, revenue generated from advertisement will be distributed among the every character of story.


  Even the last person who does not have potential to write will get his share. It is not our paper. It is paper of everybody. Do you all agree with me? Saying all this chief editor closed his speech.


A lady journalist came and asked,” sir every thing is fine but if revenue will be shared among all then we will get very few money.” And as you know I am pregnant I need money for my child. I have to pay for day care, I have to save for school, I have to buy toys and I have to make some weave sweater.


  The chief editor replied angrily, “what do you think you are the only mother. Have you ever seen a mother giving birth a son without taking any help of medical? Here sitting below the AC Chamber you talk about day care and you generate revenue from writing a story of mother and her child working in a field in a hot sunny day.


Well, I give one day time you guys decide whether we need such a news paper or not. A news paper which can change the human value of every person. Once a human learn moral then there is no need of all these rape, tieves, killing will soon be over. And you will have a lot of space in the news paper to generate revenue.


Dedicated to: foot of chitralekha (hahhahaha


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Jungle Raj


Jungle Raj  

(Forest land)


350 A, King street,                                   

Microsoft head office

New York


Sir, Lion is waiting out side the room ,”the personal assistance of Bill Gates conveyed the message to Bill Gates.

Bill Gates – what? Lion? What do you mean? Lion in New York.

Personal Assiatance – yes sir, Lion, from deep forest of Satpuda, India. Lion eneterd into the the room angrily.

Lion – what do you think, I am your slave. This is your first and last chance. From the next time if I would have to wait for even a single minute outside your door you are finished. You all are finished. I don’t care Window XP or I don’t care Microsoft word at all. When I will start eating, no java code is going to save you guys.

Bill Gates – sorry Lion sir. I was not knowing. Sorry.

Lion _ ok, that’s ok.

Bill gates (saying to his PA) – hey, bring a cup of tea, what you will prefer sir, tea, coffee, coke, beer, or red wine.

Lion – bring some Vodka, its morning time, in morning I generally take light drink.

Bill gates – ok, sir, Now tell me, how can I help you?

Lion – Never use word help. Don’t use. I never take anybodies help. I want result and I give money for that. That’s it. I need some consultancy regarding my web page.

Bill Gates – what happened sir.

Lion – our culture committee ( member: goat, ox, car, rat, deer, goat, every body) has decided that we have to publish our culture to the outer world. I mean we want to publish our idea to other planet like earth, sun and moon.

Bill Gates – that’s very great initiative step, sir?

Lion (with anger) – what a great initiative step? No body is paying attention on our website.

We have culture, community every thing but no one is member.

Bill Gates – sir, we will tell you every trick don’t worry at all. We are the expert web page manger and publisher. Just let me know why you want to publish your page. We will decide our tips according to that.

Lion – you don’t know the reason.  

Bill Gates – sir, I know but I want to confirm.

Lion – the same reason which is hidden behind the every work. The money God. Now we are also entering in the business of finance. But nobody is member of our website. We are publishing best article from our forest. Every cultural dance has been displayed step by step, every old moral story has been translated in human language for the benefit of earth. Our talented deer has written a novel regarding our emotions and sentiments. How we feel about human beings? How these human are harming the natural environments for money. Every this has been clearly written point by point. Oh that novel “Human being in a deer eye” is masterpiece. I know this time Nobel Prize for literature is going to won by my deer son. By the way I don’t believe in Nobel Prize. We are the best. I know. But the biggest problem is that nobody it paying attention on our page.

Bill Gates – Don’t worry sir, we know the trick. First thing first. Take help of sex. The best trick 100% guaranteed. Put some sexy image on the front page. Be careful don’t use full naked one. Other wise site can go into the 18 years older category.

Lion – hey, Bill what do you think? We are fool like you. We are lion, and lion never takes help of sex. You human are weak who takes help of sex. Our culture is not bad. We always have respect for woman in our community. We will prefer to die before nakedeing women.

Bill Gates – sorry, sir. I am really sorry. I did not know that. There is one another trick. As soon as any client come to your page. Showcase them. Give the feeling that is his house. He will very happy to feel like home and then never will be go any where else. This technique is taken from Indian marriage system. Treat them like husband. You are the wife, you have to give sufficient entertainment, So that he will never look outer world for enjoyment. Praise them. Care them. Care and praise are the most paid emotion after sex.

Lion – it seems good, but you don’t think it is deceive to them. Do you not think they will feel more better than what they deserve?

Bill Gates – that’s ok. I know sir you guys are superior than us. But some time for publicity you have to take some wrong path. It is valid according to our constituent article No. 324. See the Article No. 324 there on the rack.

Lion – ok, I will discuss this idea in our culture community, if it has been agreed by our cultural parliament. We will apply.

Bill Gates – see sir, as soon some guest comes to your home, it’s your duty that you have to give homely feeling. It is you who has to keep engaged him. Keep engage so that he will not feel that he is doing something wrong. It is always better that give them a lot of praise, rank them according to his ability.

Lion – what do you think every body has ability?

Bill Gates – why you care what they have or what they don’t have? It is not your business. Your business is to publish the page and make money. That’s it.

Lion – it is not fare Bill, it is not fare to them.

Bill Gates – see sir, we are no one who will decide whether we are doing fare or not. Every body has his own mind so they decide their selves. We are just luring them. A fair lure without taking any help of sex is allowed in our scriptures.

Dedicated to:   my weak vocabulary

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W here is my phone? Here on the bed. Ohh, I am so
 careless never putthe phone at appropriate place. 1-866-37354-2623, trin, trin… you have 20 minutes more to talk in your reliance account. Please enter your phone no followed by country code. 91-6112-9834562, trin trin trin hello, hello, papa, pakash good morning father, good morning son.

Father – how are you son?

Son – I am completely, fine father. (by the way son is facing the worst situation in his life). How is the weather father?

Father – this year disaster my son. We have never faced such a hot weather in last forty year. Very hot. We are even not getting water properly. The water level has gone very below.

Son- oh my god, so much hot. Is other things are ok at home, father?

Father – yes son. It is ok, but?

Son – what but father?

Father – nothing son, just.

Son – father today you are looking sad, I can guess by tone. Is some thing happened at home? Are you worried about Meena   (my sister). Don’t worry father pass fail is game of God it always happens.

Father (avoiding to talk with the son, he don’t want to listen son’s lecture of sympathy) – son, now I am giving phone to your mother, let us talk to her.

Mother – heloo, hello,hello.

Son – good morning mother, how are you?

Mother – good morning, son, I am fine. Are you taking your lunch and dinner properly on time?

Son (lying) – yes, mother. Mother your tone of speaking is not so enthusiastic.

Is something happened at home? Why are you worried? Are you worried about Meena’s exam result? Don’t worry mother. Pass fail always occurs in the game of study.

Mother – not son we are not worried. But we were hoping for a good result. we worked so hard to provide everything to her. But at last we get failure.

Son – mother, do you go to the exam and write for her. No. you don’t know how much study is difficult is? I know I took the exam. You worked hard for her this does not mean that she will pass the exam. She did her work, pass fail is in the hand of God, why you worry mother. You say – you worked hard to prepare all the food for her, in the same way papa can say I provided her what ever money she needed, I can say I provided her what ever guidance she needed, the younger sister Reena can say she gave her so much affection for not be depressed during the preparation for exam. In this way every body can claim his share in his success. But when we hear about failure everybody is depressed, every body wants his share back, this is not good mother. You don’t have to worry so much.

Mother (avoiding son suggestion) – ok son, let you talk to father, I am giving phone to him.

Father – hello, hello, ok, then I am keeping the phone, we will talk later.

Son – father why are you trying to avoid me. Why you don’t want to talk me. Father doesn’t worry. She is fail, I know. That is not a big deal. She has interest in sketching Art, making drawing. Who says everybody has to read medical or engineering. See me what I am doing after getting all this engineering degree. She will take admission in some Art university and do well.

Father – yes, that’s a good idea. As, I have heard these days there are a lot of money in art too. See, these people at movie gives 600 hundred rupees for one poster. And one can make a lot of poster per day.

Son – father, why you always thinks in terms of money? Money is not every thing. I don’t need money at all. I can survive only on ten thousand rupees. What will you do with money? Money is not important at all.

Father (trying to avoid talking) – ok son, we already talking from last five minute, a lot of bill, let us talk some other time.

Son – don’t worry father. Everything will be ok. Why you worry pass fail. You have not sat in the exam, you are no one to be sad.

Father – yes, you say the right thing. We simply provide money for her education. Not more than that. And money can not give you success.

Son – yes father, don’t worry. Try to take care of your own life. What ever you want to do, Go ahead and do. Enjoy the life. It comes only once.

Father – yes son, you are right.

Lecturing all this, son disconnected the phone. Later in the evening when he talked to his another sister Reena then he found that she was also declared fail in the exam. Now son realized why his parents were so depressed in the morning. Son felt so bad about his lecture. It is very easy to give lecture.  

Dedicated to phone call

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Ready Made


Ready Made

Is the bomb ready, ”Ken Bownman the chief scientist of NASA asked to his colleague.” Almost ready sir,” the staff replied.” Is every bacteria in proper condition? Are you guys hundred percent sure that it will completely annihilate the mental condition of those human? I don’t care if they go to comma stage after effect of the bomb that is also fine? Our target is make them mentally ill so that they can’t think anything, “Ken suggested to his staffs.” Last time you guys made the nuclear bomb that was a nice effort. See, still people at Japan are suffering from nuclear diseases. We want to repeat the same history but this time not the nuclear one, we want bacterial one. Baceterial Bomb; the most effective way to destroy the thinking process. We don’t want take anybody life, we just want to destroy his mind so that he can’t think, that’s our main goal, “Ken repeated.” No problem sir, these bacterial bomb will take human being into the old age and they will become like primitive man,”staff replied.” That’s good, that’s good,”Ken replied.”

Top research scientist of NASA is sitting in the room and thinking deeply. Mr. Ken replied, “I will suggest that the bomb should be dropped in the land of south Africa. No, no there is no need to dropping there. Those people are already not mentally sound. What is the point of “taking life of those who are already dead”, the committee chairman suggested?

So, then where sir, where, at what place, “Ken asked.” Our target is Asia. We have already done with Japan, now tell me which country is developing at a very fast rate in Asia,”the chairman asked.” It is India sir, it is India,”Ken replied.” Yes our target is India, people of India, Inquisitive mind of india, cultural mind of young generation, is our target. We have to divert their direction of thinking. They believe in extensive studies, they always wants proof for every thing. We have to change their attitude. We have to train their mind so that they don’t go for proof, they don’t ask about the reasoning behind the sentences, the start living on readymade formulae, ready made food, ready made cloths. This bomb will do, this bomb will do, “one of the staff repeated.”

The main challenge is to train their mind so that they like only ready made. No need to read a lot of books, no need to read news paper, no need  to watch long movie, 20 minute language less movie is enough for sound entertainment. We have to change their mind. We have brought them from extensive to short, hand made to ready made. That’s it Ken replied. This bacterial bomb will do sir, “one of the staff replied.”

The auspicious day came. The auspicious place Nalanda has been chosen secret work dropping of bomb. They dropped the bomb. Bacteria reached to every part of the country. The sate Bihar was most affected by the attack of bomb. Every body’s mental health was ruined. No body wants to read, no body wants to watch good stuffs, no body wants to listen good music. Every body wants readymade pill. Pill for every thing, pill for lunch, pill for dinner, pill for suicide, pill for sleeping, pill for betterment of their mental condition. Where ever you go doctor and doctor’s clinic. Every body is providing you pill, pill to making better character, pill to increase your knowledge, pill to change your mental condition. Every body was so much addicted to this pill that they can’t think anything else.

On the same land of Bihar, after some years, Fanishwar Nath Renu (A great writer by birth) born after some year. He saw the condition of Bihar. He was almost crying to see the condition. He started to write to change the mental sate of Bihar. He wrote the first novel, he published it, he got the first comment, we want pill not the novel. Pill of a sentence.

Dedicated to first topic called pill for this article by the way this article is itself a pill


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One day, I was traveling in the evening. I was walking and looking the trees, the pond the mountain, the forest. I was watching the nature beauty and enjoying the sound of birds. I became so much engrossed in the imagination that I forgot my way, my direction of to travel.

By chance, I entered into a completely strange land, a wonderland. Everything was peculiar in this new world; I named it the very same moment the e-world. For more confirmation, I stopped a person going in the way and asked what is the name of this location what is the name of this city?

He replied,” My brother this is called blogosphere.” I was astonished; I have heard the name of atmosphere, the biosphere maximum I can recall the word hemisphere. Which type of sphere this is? I asked to myself. The blogosphere, I never heard. I realized, I have come to different sphere, different part of earth. No no, I am not on the earth, I reached to e-earth.

 My inquisitive mind forced me to see this e-world. I took my mouse as a vehicle and started the auspicious tour of blogosphere. I was feeling like God Ganesh Ji. I, the God Ganesh is traveling in this city to inspect, to see the surrounding, to judge the atmosphere, to know more about the biosphere of this blogosphere. Riding on my mouse with the help of my sophisticated key board in other hand, I was observing very minutely, what is going on in this sphere?

 Is some one doing wrong with some one, is some one hurting some one, Is somebody stealing something, is the ruler of the city is ruling democratically, Is the every poor person getting food. Is everybody getting praise for their work? Is there any girl who is harmed by activity called eve teasing?   I was traveling and inspecting the behavior of every person there.

My eyes were on kids, on adults and even I was minutely observing the old ones. These days’ old ones are also doing a lot of problem so they are on my target eye. I was also observing the ladies and old woman. As these days I am becoming vegetarian and performing the role of Ganesh Ji, so I was not paying much attention to the girls. I was minutely observing every activity of this blogosphere.

Oh my God, what is happening, I saw a lot of people from my land India came here as a NRI. They are enjoying in this world. They are doing every activity what they like. They don’t care about their culture. Stealing, eve teasing, exposing, every thing is ok in this world.

I was baffled. I was astonished. I kept my feet down from my auspicious vehicle mouse. I sat in the chair and started to brood. What to do next? I gave thanks to God Vishnu who sent me in this wonderland today. If I have not seen today then there will be a lot damage will ahev been occurred which is impossible to recover. Thanks god Vishnu you sent me before time.

 Now, it’s totally my responsibility. What to do next. What to do next. I started to brood. How to tell these guys that this is not your land; this is not your home. You are in a wonderland. I was brooding in my chair and idea came by the grace of God Vishnu.

I took the initiative step and launched new page, the new version of our country and God Vishnu named it “BestOfIndya”. Ganesh ji felt very happy to take the initiative step. Now the initiation is done. As a saying well began is half done? So God Ganesh did half of the work. And left rest of responsibility on us to tell every body that your own e-land has created now.

How can I tell these guys, who already lost in other wonderland? How can I tell these guys that this is not your land, this is not your city, and this is not your home? Your father is living with family in the land called “BestOfIndya” Your sister is waiting with Rakhi in her hand for your arrival, your mother has made your favorite dinner for today night, and your son is waiting for your promises which you made just leaving for the office in the morning.

How can you think not to be tied Rakhi by your sister, will you not eat today’s dinner with your mother, will you not give a gift of a toy to your son. I know you don’t have so much time to buy everything, to go there today itself. If you don’t have so much time simply write some words for them. Every body will be happy to read your word your letter. They will think that you have reached to your land. Just give your comment how the food you liked with your mother hand when you was at home.

That’s the everything; we don’t want any gift of money. We just want some words of praise, some words of encouragement, and some words of comment. I know this time you will not deny me. You are my son, you are my husband, you are my brother, and you will make me happy. You will come back to your wonderland. I know the world of western looks green, but you don’t know inside that green there is lots of red is hidden. You are looking only the green that’s why you don’t want to be back in your land. I know our land is not so developed, we are poor people, and we don’t have so much technology. But hey my own brother, my own son, my own father, my own sister, we have culture, we have love, we will give you homely feeling that you will never find in this wonderland. Come on to your home. Everybody is waiting for your arrival. We will keep waiting for your coming back in your mother land the ” BestOfIndya“. Even if you will not come back to your own motherland our respect, our blessings, our every thing is with you. Saying all this Ganesh ji once again sat on his m ouse and left for BestOfIndya.

Dedicated to those two girls, pond, peacock and the kutiya

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Copyright Reserved





(please take it as a fun)

The flight is going to land in next five minute, you all are requested to keep your seat belt on “air hostess of Austrian Airways announced”. Every body followed her instruction including Narad Muni. Yes, the famous Narad Muni from our scriptures. To be safe side, Narad Muni also used his loincloth along with the given seat belt. Now the flight landed. A big crowd with garland in their hand is waiting for a glance of Narad Muni.   Narad Muni came out of the air port.

Look, look there is the Narad Muni – somebody shouted. Where, where another person shouted, are you blind- the third person angrily replied, see there God Narad is in front of you in his divine presence. Crowd ran towards the Narad Muni lie bee for his blessings. Narad Muni instructed his personal assistance that he does not have a time at all. He will not waste a second here. As planned he has go to Maharishi Valmiki Ashram directly. He has to solve the whole problem. He does not have time at all.

Without losing a single second Narad Muni departed for Valmiki Ashram. Sage Valmiki touched his feet.  Muni Narad replied – Narayan , Narayan; Narayan, Narayan.  Tell me the whole scam from the very beginning word by word, “he ordered.” As your instruction my master “sage Valmiki replied.” Ok, let me start from the very beginning. Sage Valmiki started the story of scam.

One day I was travelling along the bank of Ganga, I got an idea epic creation. I named it Ramayan the very first day of thinking. I started the holy work of writing. I wrote the first chapter – “The Bal Kand”. It took a long time to write. I faced some difficulties like setting the font size, making the Times New Roman style, adjusting the paragraph. But I did my job with patience. Just after the finishing the manuscript, I copyrighted the chapter one before publishing. Once the work of copyright finished I launched the chapter one, the birth of God Ram took place in the real world. Every thing went well. I was happy. The birth of child made the whole state in mood of happiness. The king Dasrath was happy, I was happy, every body was happy.

My pen spontaneously flowed for draft chapter two “Ayodhya Kand.” It was a masterpiece writing of second chapter. No much problem like the first chapter. I was almost familiar with the new software called Microsoft word. So, I wrote very fast. I copyrighted it. Now the time of launching in the rel world, in real space, I did. Every actor performed well. They followed line by line, word by word, paragraph by paragraph; the real drama and my writing were completely synchronized. I felt very happy. I was on the climax of writing.

I wrote the third chpter Aranya Kand , fourth chapter   Kiskindha Kand , fifth chapter   Sundar Kand , with a great enthusiasm. I was so much engrossed in writing that I have not taken the count of time. I have not cared what is going in the outer world. Is there anybody who is conspiring something? No other thinking came to my mind except writing.   Every actor Ram, Lakshman, Sita, Bharat, even Hauman followed the word by word as described by me in the chapters.

 It was an excellent drama in the Indian History. I was almost addicted to writing. I was thinking to write another epic just after the finishing of two more chapter, sixth one “ Lanka Kand and the last one Uttar Kand . I was expecting to finish all these writing in next one month. I was pushing myself day and night to finish the epic as soon as possible.  I was knowing that as soon as epic will be finished the earth will be free from terror of Ravan.  It seems Ravan is becoming like Osama Bin Laden these days. I wanted to die Rawan as soon as possible. Death of Ravan was my chief aim. As the Ravan will be died the whole earth will free from his sin. I wanted to free the whole state from the sin of Ravan.

Dreaming all this I wrote the sixth chapter “The Lanka Kand.” The main chapter, the kurukshetra of Ramayan. I made an interesting fighting between Ram and Ravan. All types of bows and arrow, I used in my epic. It was awesome to imagine the two arrows colliding to each other in the middle of field. At the end of the chapter six, Ravan was stabbed by the best arrow of Ram. Every body must have to watch that episode of drama, it was best scene of fighting ever occurred in the world of Hollywood.

 The chapter was almost on the verge of completion. Only the work of copyrighting left. I was planning to go for copyrighting, on the Monday, the office day, I took a holy bath on Monday morning, colored my forehead with the sandal paste, spell the holy linings from epic Gita “Satya mev Jayte” (the truth always wins). I opened my box to collect the manuscript of chapter six. I was completely astonished” It was not in the box”,   it was not in the box “sage Valmiki repeated”. Narayan, Narayan; Narayan, Narayan- Muni Narad replied in a tone of sympathy.

Who stole the manuscript – Muni Narad asked?  Was it Hanuman he guessed? It must be done by Hanuman.  I know he is a monkey and he can do this type of mischievous behavior – Muni Narad emphasied.  No my master Hanuman is very busy in helping Swami Ram and mother Sita, he does not have time to do all this “sage Valmiki replied.” Then who, who? Was it Bali or Sugriv , they are also monkey “Muni Narad questioned.” They are out of drama stage now, they already performed their role in the play, and now they are taking rest. Why they will come and steal manuscript wasting their rest period.  They are not Muni Narad,   they are not, sage Valmiki repeted. Then who? Muni Narad asked with a angry tone.

It was Bibhisan my master, it was Bibhisan, “sage Valmiki replied.” Bibhisan, Narad astonished. Yes, my master it was Bibhisan, nobody expected. No body expected my master. I wrote the sixth chapter and locked   the manuscript in the box. I was eagerly waiting for copyright. But Bibhisan made a duplicate key and took the manuscript and gave it to Ravan. I was expecting a good fight between God Ram and Ravan. But before performance of real dramas he revealed the manuscript.

Ravan is a learned man, a clever person, as soon as he saw the manuscript he cahnegd his plan of fighting against God Ram. He came in the shelter of Ram and asked for mercy. And every body knows God Ram always mercy whoever comes in his shelter. He Mercied to Ravan, No fight took place, nobody died on the earth, no blood that’s the only problem. I was expecting a river of blood at the end of this chapter but Bhibhisan made the whole drama bloodless, “sage Valmiki replied.”   The Ramayan without blood, blood less Ramayan I never even dreamed.

            Narayan, Narayan; Narayan, Narayan Muni Narad repeated. Muni Narad was gazing to sage Valmiki. He asked – why you wrote the Ramayan? To free the earth from curse of Ravan, “sage Valmiki replied.”  Narayan, Nrayan; Narayan,Naraya,  this is not truth, this is not the reason my son Valmiki, “ Narad replied.” Think once again think with jheart not with mind, mind always misguides, think and then answer.

              Sage Valmiki engrossed in a deep thinking, after a deep thinking he replied I wrote Ramayan for myself, for my writing. Writing for writing that’s the answer, this time you are hundred percent right – Muni Narad repeated. Are you sure about your answer – Narad Muni again asked with emphasis. Yes, my master hundred percent sure. No you are lying – Narada Muni repeated. If you wrote for writing, then why you are so much worried about copyrighting.

            As soon as you finish the writing your holy work is over. You must feel satisfied, why you felt bad after stealing your chapter six the chapter of “ Ravan Kand.”  Master I felt bad because no blood watered in the real world. The whole drama gone smoothly. No cry, no weeping, no arrow, nothing.  Bibhisan changed the manuscript my masters, that’s why, “ Sage Valmiki repeated.” What do you want from your Ramayan either blood or social service. By social service I mean if   Ravan accepts his fault then there will no blood of human being no fighting, “ Muni Narad asked.” I want truth, victory of truth that’s it– Sage Valmiki replied. That’s already happened because he accepted his fault, and no fight, no blood, “ Muni Narad replied.”

            I agree my master I agree, but Bibhisan should not have stolen my manuscript, “sage Valmiki repeted.” See, my son when ever you write something don’t so much focus on copyrighting and blood. Focus on writing and only writing. Some time you can focus on comment too. I know we are human being and it is difficult to follow all this that why all writer these days focusing on copywriting and blood. That is natural my son, completely natural don’t worry. So much

            Now I have to leave for heaven, air hostess of Austrian Airways is already waiting there. This time I am going to heaven via Amesterdam.  Narayan, Narayan; Narayan, Narayan.”

Dedicated to; My friends AGMK, Irronny, Muthu, Rama rao Go.., Swayamprabha, purefriendship and air hostess of Austrian airways I don’t remember her face now

 In a hope of concentrating in studies

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आओ खोज करें

(How they decide topic of research)

I have to do something for Canada, i have to do something, my dream – “Every person should have sufficient power”, More power, More power – Ken brooded. Mr. Ken Bownman, The Director, Nuclear power plant at Toronto, a person with  power mind, a person completely devoted to country, a person always thinking for the development of country, a person who relates every stuff of daily life with power, power and only the power, nothing else. If country has sufficient power country will grow, if country does not have sufficient power, it will remain in the primitive age; Power a symbol of development, No power: No development, as simple as that – Ken murmured, giving a small pause to his legs. Morning walk is always a good exercise. It gives a great opportunity for inhaling fresh air and fresh thinking, all the new ideas comes only in the morning, keep observing the things and keep thinking about them, this is the only way by which Canada can grow, the only one way- he said to himself.

            A bird crossed over his head; he looked in the sky, he saw a beautiful bird, what a nice bird. How the birds manage to get up so early in the morning, perhaps they don’t have anything to think in the night, no family business, no husband wife relation in the night, sleep alone and get up early, the golden rule – Ken murmured to himself. The bird sat on the electric pole. Why these birds always sits on the top of the pole, there is a lot of tree, a lot of building, a lot of  mountains, but why they sits on the pole, perhaps they don’t know pole helps power transfer, and the power is the most important thing for Canada. No…. no……. these birds does not have any idea at all, that’s why they sits on the pole.

            Now, see the bird changed her position; she sat on the suspended wire. These high tension wires carries a high electric voltage, I don’t know why these birds don’t get any shock even they sat on a single wire. See, another bird came; she also sat on the wire. They started to talk each other. Ken thrown his eye in the sky, what is this? A group of ten birds coming this side; they came very near to electric pole. One bird from the group (perhaps she is the leader) separated herself and came forward to ask something with sitting birds on the wire. She asked her question, a small conversation took place between leaders; she got the answer, now she came back again in her group. She gave the message to her group and every bird following her sat on the wire in a line. Now, a group of twelve birds sitting on the suspended wire, a heavy load on the wire, Ken imagined.

   Among them one bird said something, another one replied. A deep conversation started. There is some meeting going on among these birds, why they arrange their meeting on the wire-Ken brooded. There are a lot of free tree. They don’t know these wires carry electricity, the power; everything for Canada. Now these birds became aggressive in talking , they started to fight each other, a hot conversation, all of them are trying to prove their logic, they are flying  and sitting again  on the wire, some of them are doing up and down just sitting on the wire. The suspended wire is vibrating, the insulator, (some round disks made up of ceramics and put together to make like a rod; It helps wire to be suspended via electric pole, are also vibrating. This is not good, not good at all, Ken becomes angry. The insulator might be damaged.

What will happen if some more bird will join them, the load on insulator will increase, and the insulator can break!! Not possible, Impossible, Ken completely became afraid when he imagined the failure of Insulator. NO, Insulator can’t fail, these insulator are Canada life, Canada power.  The whole economy of Canada is based on the power, on the wire, on the electric pole, on the Insulator. It can’t fail.

 . Ken become afraid, – the Insulator can break, he is very much afraid; Canadian economy can collapse, collapse only because of these birds!!!!  No…. no… he has to do something before mishap happen; he has to do something before coming winter. He can’t imagine a situation when wire are loaded with snow, wire is facing high speed wind load, and more importantly a conference of bird is going on sitting on the wire. In such a situation Insulator can break, if this happens, it will be a complete disaster. The Insulator will break, the whole economy will break. He has to do something.

Someone has to research on this topic before mishap happens, the researcher will tell us, “will what is the chance of failure of these insulator having bird load, snow load, wind load, conference load, and vibration load simultaneously. “A topic of research.

Dedicated to those moments when I don’t want to study at all, I just want to brood and brood

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